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Team idris


Looking backward...

Very short history of team idris

My main hobby has always been Landrovers, but having said that we were very taken by robot wars. As such, Myself and Terry set about thinking up fighting robot designs. We like to think big so we started with a robot dragon. Ivor the engine has Idris the dragon so we adopted that name. We never built a walking dragon (way to ambitious) but we have managed Twotoodo and a couple of local battles.
Shortly after starting team idris I got well into non radio controlled robotics with Mick, a fellow student at university. The machines produced with both aliances have been facinating. One branch has led to Twotoodo 3 and the other to the robotic fish. Still got Landrovers though!   

My Background is in building things and I started early. I had Lego, I had meccano, I had access to a hammer and nails, and petrol and paint. I continued my childhood with these things, making, whacking, painting and unfortunatly burning things like me. ( expirience learning ).
I went on to train as an earth mover fitter working on cat, komatsu and jcb before turning to agriculture as a trade side step. I have just finished a degree course in mechatronics in the midlands U.K. and I just love to build and bodge metal together.

Below is my wife teaching the racing landrover to fly. Its a 1972 range rover with the body of a series one landrover. It took three years to build, but is excellent fun. Its fuel record is 3 miles to the gallon!