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Winch Challenge

It started out as a Range Rover and became a trials car (4x4) and a comp racer (bit like car rally) in 1996. We had some fun with it so in 2005 it was fitted with an electric rear winch and a hydraulic front. Then the serious vehicle damage started !
The idea of a challenge event is to collect stamps on a card. There are usually 40, with the event running from 10:00am to 4:00pm. The stamps (called punches) are tied to trees or stakes, and the card is tied to the vehicle. To make it difficult, the punches are placed in inacesible situations. If they aren't, then bunting is used to make it hard!

Sliding Hawse on a Goldfish

Above: This is just before I shatter the cross pin in the front diff. Which is pretty much the problem with winch challenge, in that the vehicle has to be more like a logging tractor than a rally car.
It also shows the mod's fitted to save time like winch mirror, sliding fairlead, wing rope bucket, and plastic mole strop holder.


The sliding Hawse on it's own

Here is the sliding hawse removed from the vehicle. Its a very simple idea, so there are only three main parts. Its also got a nice amout of rattley clearance to stop mud jamming it up.
Its saved us loads of time, as we don't have too wind off rope and feed it back on every time the rope gets wound all up one end of the drum. We just click the sliding hawse over, and it forces the rope onto a new bit of drum.

Rosie models the typical 'wear' for offroading. We often add boots and waders.