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Welcome to robots, robot fish and off roading!

Welcome to the TEAM IDRIS web site. We have:



Robot Fish

Off Roading

Land Rover Racing


I tend to evolve my site over time, so it had a picture of our fighting robot on the front many a year ago.  And now it has a big fan! We continue with our hobby of 'off roading', which is always changing as a sport.

Driving on mud extends back to when I was six, when I first drove a landrover. The offroader is my favorite hobby at the moment and has the biggest smile factor.

And my less adrenaline fuelled hobby is writing. I've hit this pretty hard for 2015 and have recorded some of my stories on the Team Idris You Tube channel. The Home address is;


Viewers warning though! It's now a 4x4 and 'cute pony' story channel. With some other stuff.

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Easter 2015 saw me writing again after a very long break of a decade. Mostly I'm writing pony fanfic stories.


A huge fan!
This is the day job stuff of designing heat exchangers. This fan goes on the front of a diesel engine to keep it cool in the hotter parts of the world.



Robots and off roading, very simular in many ways. Relatively cheap, a lot of maintenace and both get damaged a lot!